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AUDIOGRAPHY is a collaborative music blog. Envisage this community as a place to discover new music and then BUY it legally. All music files are posted for evaluation purposes only. The RIAA dictates that all music downloaded should be removed after previewing for twenty-four hours. Members post and download at their discretion. The moderators of this community encourage their members to post legitimate downloadable music and are not responsible for copyright violations the members might commit.This community encourages their members to support artists by buying their original CDs and seeing them in concert whenever possible. If you are the copyright holder, please inform us if you would like any of the content removed and it will be done so immediately.

We appreciate your contributions but please note that we are a very large community so rules may or may not be enforced haphazardly. Do your part and read the rules. Do not take moderator reminders personally.

Write to us: audiography.lj [at] gmail.com.


  • To join, click here. Quite a number of posts are screened for Friends only. We suggest you hit that link and quit lurking.
  • Weekly themes are posted every Sunday. Most Sundays it's at 12mn GMT, some Sundays it's at 12mn EST, some Sundays it's posted not on a Sunday. Just y'know, it's usually on some form of Sunday.
  • The weekly themes are non-restricting.
  • We encourage everyone to actively participate in the community. And by that, we mean, post, recommend, ask questions, make suggestions, comment on a post.
  • Do not post LJ quizzes/memes, music-related or not, here.
  • Place large images, long text entries and offensive material under an LJ-cut. The community is very strict about this. If you do not know how to use an LJ-cut, click here.
  • All song requests must be made on the REQUESTS POST.
  • We do not allow community promotions.
  • Posts asking help to figure out the title of a mislabelled music file (ie. "Hey guys. Please help me, I downloaded this file last week and forgot to rename it properly, now I don't know what its title is or who sang it. [Link To Song]") should be posted on the REQUESTS POST.
  • For general community questions or suggestions, leave a comment on the REQUESTS POST.
  • All posts that do not follow community rules and the posting guidelines will be deleted upon the discretion of the moderator. You may or may not receive a warning. Do not take post deletions personally.
  • To read past community updates, see: Additional Rules

  • Your post MUST contain these requirements:
    1. Sufficient band or song introduction/description.
    2. Links to opportunities to purchase the music you are posting about. The artist's website or the artist's label's website is a great place to start. Amazon.com is another option. If the CD is out of print, please provide alternative links to the artist's work or to the artist's website.
    3. The theme name on the subject line of your post if you are posting according to theme.
  • QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! We cannot stress this enough! Think twice before posting your favorite pop radio hit song. Make your recommendations count. Posts that restate the obvious are useless to us.
  • Put substance into your song descriptions. A song title and an artist name and saying "Oh, I have been listening to this song non-stop! It's dancey music and I totally love it!" are not helpful. We understand that not everyone is a music journalist so here are some ideas:
    • Tell us something about the artists.
    • Try to reduce the tendency to post lyrics and instead talk about the message the lyrics are trying to convey.
    • What is your favorite part of the song? Why? Describe it to us.
    • What album is this song from? Are the rest of the songs on this album similar to this song? Yes/No? How so?
    • If you find it hard to describe the music, at least tell us what genre the song is under, whether it's a slow song or a fast song, is it sad or happy? (Of course, don't be an idiot and take me literally and put "fast, happy" beside your song links, you will seriously get your ass banned.)
  • Do not post more than two songs from a copyrighted album without the permission of the copyright holder.
  • Do not host or link to full albums, open directories, playlists or other large repositories of pirated music.
  • Do not link us to a post on your personal journal, post your entry directly on the community.

AUDIOGRAPHY is moderated by glendaplatypus, cathedralheat, cio, duranorak and smu.

Photo for community banner by Chris G of WOXY. Photo of Leon Theremin from Dickinson.edu. Photo of bonggo player from Jambalaya.co.nz. Photo of accordion player from GoLuxStudio.com. Photo of horn player from UMN.edu. Photo of cellist from LondonSoloists.com.


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