The one with all the pictures (daniidebrabant) wrote in audiography,
The one with all the pictures


To Life! and
If I Were A Deep One from the cast of Shoggoth on the Roof
The writer is quite literally in an insane asylum. The cast was threatened with legal action if they tried an actual production. And it crosses Fiddler on the Roof with Lovecraft. What's not to love here?

...also, the same people have two Christmas albums. You BET I'm putting some of that up come Yule-time. [[BUY]]

This is Halloween from Marilyn Manson
...I, er, don't think I need to say anything else? It's from the new Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack that got put out last year. It is made entirely of awesome and is currently my phone ringer.
What's This? from Fall Out Boy
A lovely, rocking reimagining of this song. I have it as my SECONDARY ringer.

Ghost Riders in the Sky by Spiderbait
This drove people NUTS because it's used at the end of the Ghost Rider movie and for ages, there was nowhere to find it. I found it, a few months ago, and I absolutely love it. It's probably my favorite version, baring the Blues Brothers version. No version to buy.

Mozart's Requiem from the Violinist of Hameln soundtrack.
...this is just my favorite version of a song that should be on any Halloween playlist. Out of print, occasionally available on eBay.
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