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epistolary songs: at the junction of summer and autumn

All these audiography posts make me happy....I used to pick up so much new music from here.

Here are my contributions to the potluck:

Good Old War - Coney Island

I found a letter in the mail box today
and I said thank you for your thoughts but I'm done
I said that I would never build this up right here
He said that's why I can't work with you son

But I can't let this go I'm on my way
And you can only hold my diamond ring
I'll go crawling back to the city I love
Cause it's already taken everything

Okay, so technically not about letters, but it perfectly describes the way I felt about DC when I first moved there. Good Old War is catchy and with descriptors such as "people with their cotton candy eyes" wins over the poet in me. They're a Philly band with New Jersey leanings. Embrace them!

Gary Jules - No Poetry

there's no poetry between us/said the paper to the pen

Best known for his entrancing and emotionally wrenching version of Tears for Fears' Mad World, this song highlights his poetic lyrics.

Monsters of Folk- Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F)

In proper epistolary fashion, M.O.F includes both a salutation and a valediction. It asks the questions millions before have, " why do we suffer?" The best part about this song is definitely the soulful start. For those of you unfamiliar with Monsters of Folk, it's what happens when Conor Oberst (& Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes), M Ward, and Jim James from My Morning Jacket. It is simply amazing. Check out their other songs, Magic Marker and Whole Lotta Losin' for some sad music that will make you feel upbeat.

The Roots - Dear God 2.0

The Roots double the lyrics of the MOF song but manage to cut the song time in half. The background melody remains the same, but each has its merits.

Rando off topic song, slash if anyone's interested we can start a new theme for celestial bodies:

Neko Case - I Wish I was the Moon

I'm pretty sure I downloaded this song after it featured on Trueblood this season. But actually, it is fabulously ethereal. A shoutout to those of us tired of the situations we find ourselves in.

Nickel Creek - Jealous of the Moon

The one reminded me of the other. I'm pretty sure that lunar related songs would be much easier for me to collect than letters...
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Fun theme! I just have a few to add:

No Aphrodisiac by The Whitlams
An odd letter, but a letter nonetheless.

Chain Letter by The Billys
Ah the curse of the chain letter, back when folks shared these banes via snail mail.

Letter from Belgium by The Mountain Goats
I'm including this mostly because I just watched Band of Brothers and am kinda thinking of this letter being during that time, although it's not. It also has one of the weirdest lyrics, "That's good, we can always use some more electrical equipment."

Mother Mother by Tracy Bonham
Okay, technically a phone call rather than a letter, but sounds like a letter to me. The kind of letter a parent dreads!
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i should be asleep...

...but here are some songs anyway.

a letter from home - ulrich schnauss
floaty swooping soaring electronic landscapes, perfect for lying on your bed in the dark with the windows open, or driving through the countryside in the sunshine.
buy a strangely isolated place

strawberry letter 23 - shuggie otis
another floaty song, but sparklier this time. wikipedia says 'Otis wrote the song for a girlfriend who used strawberry-scented paper when she wrote letters to him' which is pretty darn cute if you ask me.
buy some shuggie otis

you are invited - the dismemberment plan
not really a letter, but an invitation is close enough right? i haven't listened to this song much recently but it's always been a personal anthem of sorts, just a little a reminder that i am invited, by anyone, to do anything. and now you are too!
buy emergency & i

young shields - casiotone for the painfully alone
this was the first CFTPA song i ever heard, and it's still one of my favourites.
buy etiquette

good night!
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I'm away for a few days and what do I find? Not only does this community have new posts, but an actual THEME for the first time in years! I of course can't resist joining in on this rare occasion. :P

In order to post quickly though, I haven't really had time to scrutinize my music library and find every song about letters. So, I wrote down a quick list of the ones that came to my head, from rock to folk to country.

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My Favorite Songs of 2010

A bit late, but as I just remembered I have a LJ and have long loved this community, I thought I would share my top 40 favorite songs of 2010, accompanied by vintage photographs that capture the mood of the songs:

I've put free and legal downloads where available.

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2010 the music

once a year, every year: the songs I listened to in 2010

1. Ring Ring – Sleigh Bells from Treats
Not Christmas music, nor are there bells present.

2. ‘39 – Queen from A Night At The Opera
I was at a New Year’s party where there was no TV or CD player, only a record player, so we listened to A Night At The Opera during the night and it was wonderful.

3. Alas I Cannot Swim – Laura Marling from Alas I Cannot Swim
I once made Evian listen to this song 30 times in a row and she still thinks it is pretty good.

4. Good Intentions Paving Company – Joanna Newsom from Have One On Me
A song for bad relationships and the end of them.

5. Do You Swear To Tell The Truth... – Amanda Palmer, independently produced (download for free from bandcamp also)
The song I was listening to when I got hit by a car.

6. Written in Reverse - Spoon from Transference
You don’t realize the energy in this song until you see it live and then it’s like a punch in the face.

7. Little Lion Man – Mumford & Sons from Sigh No More
One of those songs I heard and immediately got all the rest of their music and bought concert tickets and listened to ten times in a row.

8. Brothersport – Animal Collective from Merriwether Post Pavillion
Let all of that time go

9. Dog Days Are Over – Florence and the Machine from Lungs
Something about the ‘happiness, it comes like a bullet in the back’

10. Be Calm – fun. from Aim and Ignite
The great tragedy of my year is that they were on campus for free a week before I heard their CD and I didn’t go see them.

11. Meantime – the Givers from The Givers EP
The great success of my year is that I went to the concert even though I hadn’t heard them yet.

12. The Chain – Ingrid Michaelson from Be OK
How many songs are sung in a round? NOT ENOUGH.

13. Madder Red – Yeasayer from the wonderful Odd Blood (download it, their website has a special offer)
Once a day, every day.

14. Camera Talk – Local Natives from Gorilla Manor
How many good concerts did I go to this year? So many.

15. The Sea is A Good Place To Think of the Future – Los Campesinos! from Romance is Boring
How many? So many.

16. Winter is Coming – Radical Face from Ghost
I couldn’t stop listening to this song. It feels like cold weather.

17. Thistle & Weeds - Mumford & Sons from Sigh No More
Their entire concert was a catharsis.

18. Love of an Orchestra – Noah & the Whale from First Days of Spring
I can’t think of a more hopeful song, and it starts with churchbells.

zip file of them all. If you're on my Christmas Card list you will get a physical copy! if not please enjoy them anyway.