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Punk Rock Week

The Mean Reds' Anthony Anzalone

The Bronx
One of the best punk revival bands to come out of LA in a long time. Recorded in Gilby Clarke's (Guns n Roses) house out in LA. I'll let the tracks speak for themselves, but wow.. this would've been my favorite band if I was still 14. Now it's fun music for speeding when my girlfriend isn't in the car (shhh).
- Heart Attack American
- I Got Chills
Buy their self titled album.

Hot Snakes
A John Peel Favorite. I was pretty bummed to see these guys call it a day in '05, probably one of my favorite punk bands ever. Def worth checking out if you're a fan of any of John Reis' other bands (Drive Like Jehu, Rocket from the Crypt, The sultans, etc.). Here's a taste of their 3 albums.
- If Credit's What Matters, I'll Take Credit (from Automatic Midnight)
- I Hate The Kids (from Suicide invoice)
- Braintrust (from Audit in progress)
Buy them here (great cover art courtesy of Rick Froberg).

The Mean Reds
These guys absolutely slayed. It's a shame they're not around anymore (either). Part Nintendo music, part thrashy punk/metal, part inside joke. Here's a few to drive your parents shitcrazy.
- Octopus Too (from Some Sort of Adventure Through History)
- Hidden From My Neffews (from Together At Last, And This is Our Wedding)
- Magic Carpet Lighting (from Together At Last, And This is Our Wedding)
Buy them here.

Wires On Fire
Another LA band, barely outta highschool these guys got picked up by Buddyhead with good reason. Although they might be better classified post punk, simply by ethic and attitude they deserve to be here. Their sound is fast, noisy, furious, and not without the occasional pop hook.
- Daisy (From Homewrecker, also now featured in that new shitty Wes Cravin movie, and on the soundtrack)
- Million Dollar Maybes (from their split EP/DVD with The Mean Reds)
Buy them here.
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